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Michael Greene Discusses Receiving the Award for Santa Fe’s Best Business of the Year

This morning Michael Greene and Simon Brackley with the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce discussed Sam Goldenberg & Associates’ designation as the City of Santa Fe’s 2015 Best Small Business of the Year, took a closer look at what a business broker does, and shared their thoughts on the local economy. The program aired at […]

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Three Basic Factors of Earnings

Two businesses for sale could report the same numeric value for “earnings” and yet be far from equal. Three factors of earnings are listed below that tell more about the earnings than just the number. 1. Quality of earnings Quality of earnings measures whether the earnings are padded with a lot of “add backs” or one-time […]

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What is the Value of Your Business? It All Depends.

The initial response to the question in the title really should be: “Why do you want to know the value of your business?” This response is not intended to be flippant. It is a a question that deserves an answer. Does an owner need to know for estate purposes? Does the bank want to know […]

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