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Albuquerque “Surging” Ahead: Top 50 Cities to Start a Business in 2020

Quite the week for Albuquerque, which made the Top 50 U.S. Cities for Starting a Business in 2020, according to a study conducted by Inc. and entrepreneurship researchers Startup Genome. These “Surge Cities” leverage local assets, human capital, and development strategy to drive success, with interesting lessons to be learned in each case. Entrepreneurship through […]

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Multiples, Demystified

Multiples are tricky things to figure out when you’re valuing a business for sale. Lots of opinions are floating around, most stemming from imperfect information. Uncle Bob’s golf buddy sold his widget store for a million bucks based on a multiple of five! Such “buddy wisdom” can lead you astray. Unrealistic expectations can result in […]

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Less Risky Business: Buy a Business

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Harvard Business School professors Richard S. Ruback and Royce Yudkoff advocate for more aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their goals by buying a business. They site concern over risk as the most common explanation for shying away from acquisition. They further argue that these concerns are short sighted and […]

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