J. Erika Munde

J. Erika Munde,
Senior Account Manager

A resident of Santa Fe since 1991, Julia works with Michael to maximize the exposure of our portfolio of businesses for sale. Responsible for promoting the SGA brand throughout the state, she maintains the website, produces the Confidential Business Reviews and related marketing materials, and puts her graphic design skills to work to for our clients as well as Sam Goldenberg & Associates. She strives to get our southern Colorado and New Mexico businesses for sale in front of the appropriate potential business buyers.

Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 1989, Julia’s marketing skills have been the cornerstone of her career. She has worked for the International Association of Artificial Intelligence, wrote highly technical articles for the themed attractions industry, and directed the marketing department of a local residential and commercial real estate brokerage for nearly eight years.

She has served on numerous non-profit boards, but today devotes her time to Sam Goldenberg & Associates. She welcome the opportunity to contribute to making New Mexico a more economically vibrant place where the entrepreneur and small business owner can flourish.