SGA Client Elevates the Downtown Restaurant Scene

We enjoyed reading about the success SGA’s client and restaurant buyer Lane Sanders and is having with his new enterprise Elevation Bistro, formerly the Atomic Bar and Grill. We handled the sale of this downtown restaurant in Fall 2013 and Lane immediately impressed at the time. The Santa Fe Reporter recently stopped by the bistro to give us a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening at one of the only handful of Santa Fe’s late-night dining establishments.

May 13, 2014
By Emily Zak
The El Word
For The Santa Fe Reporter
Photo Credits: The Santa Fe Reporter

The El Word

Underneath two screens broadcasting Man v. Food and the Stanley Cup, a beer-sipping man in a blue tracksuit chats across the bar with the bartender. At 5 pm on a Thursday, it may be happy hour, but this is no sports bar. An elderly couple from Baltimore leans across a corner table over an appetizer that looks like an ice cream sundae, if not for the guacamole, while a chef chops tomatoes behind a counter behind them. Adjacent, a Floridian lounges by the ceiling-length wall of windows, a binder and a carton containing a cupcake saved for later across from her.

Melissa Windsel’s never been to Elevation Bistro (103 E Water St., 820-0363) before. In lieu of standing and taking her order, server John Herrera sits down across the table and helps her decide. After dismissing barbecue chicken and New York strip, she settles on the house-smoked baby back ribs slathered with chile glaze and rosemary balsamic barbecue sauce.

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