New Gallup Poll Shows “Small Business Owners Would Do It All Over Again”

With SGA’s own highly informal survey based on chatting with our past Santa Fe business buying clients, New Mexico appears aligned with these national trends.


Small-Business Owners Love What They Do, Despite the Economy

A new Gallup poll shows that eight of 10 small-business owners would do it all again if they could.
May 22, 2014
By Matt Vasilogambros
The National Journal

The economy may rise and fall, but small-business owners remain happy with their career choice.

In a new Gallup and Wells Fargo survey released this week, 84 percent of small-business owners say that if they had they could do it all over again they would still start their own business. (Wells Fargo is also a sponsor of National Journal’s Next America project.) To the 600 small-business owners who were polled, the independence and decision-making that come with their job are invaluable benefits.

While 42 percent of those surveyed say that being their own boss is the most rewarding part of their job, more than 10 percent of respondents also cite job satisfaction and pride, flexible job hours and having family time, and interacting with customers as reasons they like their choice of work.

Overall, this sort of satisfaction hasn’t changed for small-business owners in the last 11 years of the Gallup survey—roughly 80 percent have consistently said they would do it all over again. What’s remarkable is how unwavering these sentiments are, regardless of how small-business owners think the economy is doing.

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