Sher-Wood Fine Wood Design

“As purchasers of Sher-wood Fine Wood Designs in Las Cruces, NM, we were tremendously impressed with the professional assistance of Sam Goldenberg & Associates in their representation of the Seller. Michael and Erika went way above and beyond the call of duty and were tremendously supportive, creative and helpful in bringing a process to a close, even though we were all challenged more than normal due to the Covid 19 situation. Michael’s knowledge of the business, the business community in New Mexico, and industry knowledge was very helpful in structuring a situation that we believe is a “win win” for both buyer and seller. We would highly recommend Sam Goldenberg & Associates to anyone interested in buying or selling a business in New Mexico.”

-David Rees with Las Cruces Cabinets LLC, Buyer, Sher-Wood.

“Michael is not only a pleasure to work with but truly a master of his craft! He has extensive knowledge of the New Mexico market, local lenders and knows his clients very well, which is why we acquired two of his listings over 12 months. Recently, Michael was able to help us and his client navigate an M&A transaction throughout the COVID crisis, which we closed in late 2020. I would be happy to recommend Michael and his team to anyone who wants to sell or buy a business!.”

-David Fair with Las Cruces Cabinets LLC, Buyers, Sher-Wood.

“It has been a pleasure working with Michael and Erika. They are very knowledgeable in what they do. I learned a lot from Michael as we went about the process. I always felt that Michael and Erika were on my team and looking out for my best interests. They gave me confidence as we worked on the process. Any time I had questions, or just didn’t see something clearly, Michael explained things in a clear manner. Our journey had some unknowns as we navigated this while we were dealing with Covid, but the SGA team worked through the challenges and helped us get to the finish line.”

-Justin Sherwood, Sellers, Sher-Wood Fine Wood Design.

The Essential Guide

“After almost 15 successful years in business we thought it was time for new opportunities. During discussions with Michael Greene, owner of Sam Goldenberg & Associates, he convinced me of the value of our companies and to trust his company with the confidential sale of our publication brand. He and his Senior Account Manager, J. Erika Munde assisted me and the current owner on a daily basis throughout the process—completing the transaction successfully even during the Covid pandemic, allowing us to receive our expected valuation price through creative strategies. We would recommend Sam Goldenberg & Associates whole-heartedly.”

-Trish and Chip Byrd, Sellers, The Essential Guide.

OGB Architectural Millwork

“As purchasers of Sher-wood Fine Wood Designs in Las Cruces, NM, we were tremendously impressed with the professional assistance of Sam Goldenberg & Associates in their representation of the Seller. Michael and Erika went way above and beyond the call of duty and were tremendously supportive, creative and helpful in bringing a process to a close, even though we were all challenged more than normal due to the Covid 19 situation. Michael’s knowledge of the business, the business community in New Mexico, and industry knowledge was very helpful in structuring a situation that we believe is a “win win” for both buyer and seller. We would highly recommend Sam Goldenberg & Associates to anyone interested in buying or selling a business in New Mexico.”

-David Rees with Las Cruces Cabinets LLC, Buyer, Sher-Wood.

Quik Send

“Sam Goldenberg and Associates help me through the entire process of purchasing a business for the first time. They were patient and worked with my by answering all of my questions. Erika was on top of her game and always responded quickly.”

-Martin & Kelly Haug, Buyer, Quik Send.

Olo Yogurt Studio

“SGA has been nothing but professional, kind and patient with our acquisition process. Erika, Kandice & Michael have treated us with the utmost respect throughout the year long journey that we have been working with them. Despite hundreds of questions, long conversations and a delayed lending process, SGA provided all of the tools and assistance required for our business acquisition, and they did it quite graciously. Buying and selling businesses isn’t easy and SGA doesn’t pretend it is, but they sure do make you feel comfortable during the ups and downs. Last but not least, Erika put together the most lovely closing afternoon tea for us that we will never forget.”

-Camilla Dominguez and Zachary Lively, Buyers, Olo Yogurt Studio.

Fun Center Motorsports of Durango, CO

“It has been 4 years since the sale of our business. We were reluctant to give our referral until we were satisfied with the continued success of the business. Finding the perfect new owners for our business was very important to us. Michael accomplished that and much more. The dealership has continued to be a success, with proud employees and happy customers. The very act of keeping the listing and sale confidential was crucial. Our experience with the whole process was professional but laid back and comfortable. This was definitely a WIN WIN for us. We highly recommend Michael and his staff. They are truly professional brokers and very knowledgeable in our area.”

-Lyle and Tonya McKnight, Sellers of Fun Center Motorsports.

Santa Fe Cider Works

“Sam Goldenberg & Associates was extremely helpful for our first small business purchase! They guided us through all legal requirements and ensured successful seller/buyer interaction, especially Erika Munde. Since we started the process from overseas, evaluation and coordination from a different country provided a daunting endeavor. The patience and expertise of the broker team gave us the confidence needed to work through the complexities of such a detailed transaction. They continue to provide us post-sale advisement and we would recommend them to everyone and all levels of business sales.”

-Brian Percy, Buyer of Santa Fe Cider Works.

Advanced American Insurance

“Thank you both for all the hard work it takes to get a sale to close. We are ecstatic with LANB and getting a relationship with a local bank. This was a deal not bankable in my experience, so thanks again! We met the staff and they are awesome. This is a great set-up and we have great expectations. “We look forward to a cocktail at the bar!”

-Mike and Jo Lyn Stroup, Buyers of Advanced American Insurance.

Stag Tobacconist

“I would like to thank Michael Green and the entire staff of Sam Goldenberg & Associates for professionally handling the sale of Stag Tobacconist in Santa Fe. After being in business for over 40 years, the thought of selling our business was a very difficult decision. I must say Michael and his staff did an unbelievable job in managing not only the difficult process of the sale, but dealing with two very nervous owners. I can not thank you and your staff enough for making the entire process as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend any business owner thinking of selling there business to look very closely at the services of your firm. Knowledge, professionalism, patience and commitment are just a few of the words I would use to describe the entire staff at Sam Goldenberg & Associates. Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for being the best at what you do!”

– Gene & Jakki Jordan, Sellers of Stag Tobacconist.

“Sam Goldenberg & Associates was great to work with from the first contact to the Closing. Buying a business is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. They were there for me throughout, willing to fight my corner when necessary, responsive to my needs, and able to find solutions that worked for all parties involved. Michael Greene’s calm and professional demeanor kept things on track and got us to the Closing table.

I originally reached out to Sam Goldenberg & Associates about another business in their portfolio. Erika pointed me to Stag, saying that given my goals and means, it was worth my consideration. Their detailed Confidential Business Reviews are among the best I’ve seen. They objectively presented the challenges and opportunities of both businesses. They answered all my questions, helped me make an informed decision, and quickened the process. Their cash flow analysis took no short-cuts and skimped on no details. The third-party independent business valuation required by my lender validated that their pricing was fair.

Now I’m living in Santa Fe, the proud owner of Stag Tobacconist, and feeling more a part of the community with every passing day. It’s the very same business presented in their Confidential Business Review. If there’s any surprise, it’s that I’m enjoying it even more than I envisioned.”

– Mike Bonds, Buyer of Stag Tobacconist

Galisteo Bistro | Trattoria A Mano

“Goldenberg & Associates, led by Michael Greene & staff, was instrumental in our acquiring Galisteo Bistro, now Trattoria A Mano, in Santa Fe, first guiding us through the complexities of a business acquisition as buyers, then guiding a sale some years later plus a buyback when the new owners decided to move on. Then we tasked the company to again sell our business a second time some years later. Through it all, Michael & staff were seasoned advocates for both buyer and seller, demonstrating a clear understanding of the priorities of the parties, and serving as mediators and expeditors of a successful closing each time.

“The complexities of doing business in Santa Fe are multi-layered. Michael and his staff were able to guide the parties through the process with professional integrity and compassion for the mutual interests in order to reach satisfaction for the parties, achieving a balance between expectations and the realities, especially so with valuations and the mediation of various interests as offers were presented.

“It is rare to deal with a brokerage that has such a deep understanding of competing interests. Their ability to bring the parties together for mutual benefit, including that of the brokerage in its professional responsibilities, is extraordinary. We greatly appreciate their advocacy in the best interests of all parties.”

– Robert Chickering, Seller of Galisteo Bistro

“We have purchased two businesses, bought a commercial compound and leased to other locations in five separate transaction through Michael Greene and Sam Goldenberg & Associates. The service is top notch. Michael Greene is information central when it comes to business knowledge in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico.”

– Jimmy and Jennifer Day, Buyers of Galisteo Bistro (Trattoria A Mano), Bouche, the Bouche Building, and Maize

ECS Expert Computer Solutions

“Working with SGA was a very positive experience from start to finish. Michael Greene and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. They helped me navigate through every stage of the process from pre-sales planning, evaluation, closing and everything in between. Whether buying or selling a business, I would highly recommend working with SGA.”

– Asher Singer, Seller of ECS

“Michael has been a great resource for finding quality companies in the technology business. he is willing to share his knowledge and works to make it a win/win for both sides. He has become a friend and mentor.”

-Jon Labrum, Buyer of ECS 

Xitech Industries, Inc.

“Sam Goldenberg and Associates has been a wonderful business broker with which to work. The marketing materials to sell our business were excellent. We felt totally supported and trusted that we were treated fairly as were the buyers. We interviewed two other business brokers and felt that Sam Goldenberg and Associates far outranked them in services and personal interaction.”

– Laurie & Dwight Patterson, Sellers of Xitech Instruments, Inc.

“Dear Michael and Erika, I wanted to follow-up and thank you both for all your efforts on helping Troy and I on the Xitech acquisition. As you come across related companies please feel free to share. Troy and I hope to do more acquisitions in the future as we continue to build TRATT Industries. I’d also like to offer that if ever need a reference to potential clients don’t hesitate to use myself or Troy. We both appreciated your professionalism and candor throughout the process.”

– Matthew Shepard, managing member, TRATT Industries, LLC, Buyer of Xitech Instruments, Inc.

Bouche Bistro & Bouche Real Estate

“Michael has been a consummate professional in all my dealings with him. He has an intimate knowledge of the business landscape in Santa Fe, and whether you are buying or selling, I believe there is no better person to seek out than Michael for his unbiased assistance in fulfilling your goals.”

-Charles Dale, Seller of Bouche Bistro & Bouche Real Estate

Sanchez Auto Body

“From our first contact we were very pleased with the customers service we were offered. We liked the honesty and upfront expectations of Sam Goldenberg services. Sam Goldenberg never gave up and were persistent in ensuring that we reached our goal of a sale and retirement. Juliette is a gem and Michael is very knowledgeable. They know their stuff! We highly recommend Sam Goldenberg for a business sale or purchase. You will be in good hands and well taken care of. Retirement is a blessing.”

– Lawrence Sanchez, Seller, Sanchez Auto Body in Las Vegas, NM

Allbright & Lockwood

“Working with the team at Goldenberg was a dream collaboration. With varying and complementary skills, Juliette the documentarian, Erika the wordsmith and matchmaker, Michael the closer, they were able to conjure our business for prospective buyers with great insight and enthusiasm. Most important of all though… they did it successfully, and brought to the table our “dream” buyers.”

– Judith & Arthur Reeder, Sellers of Allbright & Lockwood, a provider of tile, lighting and decorative hardware in Santa Fe.

Bountiful Cow Cheese Company, LLC

“I would highly recommend consulting with Sam Goldenberg & Associates before purchasing or selling any business in Northern New Mexico. I have worked with Michael Greene and his staff on the purchase of two separate businesses in Santa Fe and the selling of one. They are always very professional and offer great insight that help with the major decisions that surround these type of transactions. One of my purchases was very complicated with many moving parts, and they were an exceptional resource during the process. Super nice people as well!!”

– Steve Wright, Buyer of Bountiful Cow Cheese Company, LLC

Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery

“It was truly a blessing to work with you! You were so pleasant and understanding from our very first call. Even though selling a business can be stressful, you made it seem less as possible. Thank you so much for all your help.”

– Andrea and Ed Henderson, Sellers of Smallcakes, a cupcakery in Albuquerque

2 Time Couture

“I’ve never seen a group of people work as hard with so much heart and tenacity. I can’t thank you enough. Wishing each of you continued joy and success.”

– Melissa Middleton, Buyer of 2 Time Couture in Albuquerque

Dunn & Associates IT Firm

“I had such a wonderful experience with Sam Goldenberg & Associates in Santa Fe. They made the process smooth and easy for all parties involved with the transaction. Michael, Erika, and Juliette are a dream to work with. I never thought that this process could be so easy, but it was because we were working with such an amazing team. Sam Goldenberg & Associates is the best business brokerage I have ever worked with. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family who are looking to sell or to buy a business.”

– Nina Pilgrim with 4Leet, Buyer of Dunn & Associates

Desert Automotive in Las Cruces

“I recently purchased my first business through Sam Goldenberg and would highly recommend their services for anyone looking to do the same. Both Juliette and Michael were courteous, professional, and extremely easy to deal with. They made what seemed to be a difficult process look easy. I honestly don’t know if I would have closed on this business had I used anyone else. If you are in the market to buy or sell a business, don’t look anywhere else!”

– Chris Brice, Buyer of Desert Automotive in Las Cruces

Le Bon Voyage in Santa Fe

“Michael Greene and his staff at Sam Goldenberg & Associates expertly handled the sale of our business Le Bon Voyage. Everyone we dealt with there was extremely organized, professional, and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is thinking of selling their business.”

– Jim and Jody Webb, Sellers of Le Bon Voyage in Santa Fe

Edible Arrangements in Albuquerque

“Selling a business is a complicated task with many in-depth details and issues for the seller and the buyer. In our case, we had absolutely no experience with what is involved in selling a business. The Sam Goldenberg & Associates Business Brokerage in Santa Fe, and Michael Greene specifically, did an excellent job negotiating the sale of our company, from beginning to closing.

“We had decided to sell our S-Corporation business via a Stock Purchase Agreement. This also included the sale of the assets of our Edible Arrangements store. Since the store is part of a franchise organization, this added yet another level of complexity in dealing with the myriad requirements from Edible Arrangements corporate. There were many in-depth negotiations between the three parties. I can say, without hesitation, that Michael Greene handled these negotiations extremely well. In addition, this firm did an excellent in-depth analysis of the company’s value, which resulted in a final sales price that was equitable for both the seller and the buyer. We highly recommend Sam Goldenberg & Associates if you are considering selling your business.”

– Judy Dominguez, Seller of Edible Arrangements in Albuquerque

Accessories Unlimited

“There are people you just identify with and whom you immediately trust. Michael and Juliette were those people for me. They handled my transaction with utmost professionalism and expediently. Would use them again.”

– Ray Moreau, Seller of Accessories Unlimited in Albuquerque

Taos Crating

“SGA, you are a true professionals. This entire experience can be so overwhelming and you walked us through every step of the way, believing in us and our vision to purchase our own business. Your expertise in this field is outstanding and your patience is commendable. Thanks to all of the team. It was our pleasure working with you. You were always there for us.”

– Russell & Karen Oakley, Buyers of Taos Crating

Bhava Yoga Studio

“From our first meeting, I knew that the Michael, Juliette and the team at Sam Goldenberg were the right brokers for selling my business. Not only did I feel that they understood my small business, a yoga studio, but they understood me and my vision for it’s transition. Although Bhava is a small independent business, it was a challenging sale. Their personal support and sound counsel were always there for me, and often in big ways! For intelligent support and peace of mind, this is your team.”

– Bea Doyle, Seller of Bhava Yoga Studio

Katrinah’s East Mountain Grill

“When I first considered selling my small restaurant located in an obscure New Mexico town it seemed about as likely as getting paid for serving cold enchiladas – never going to happen. Fortunately for me Michael and Juliette and the others at Sam Goldenberg and Associates knew what they were doing. They advertised and sold the business without spooking our close-knit community, my customers or employees. If they can sell my business, they can sell yours.”

– Kathy Shult, Seller of Katrinah’s East Mountain Grill

Eden Medispa

“Thanks to Michael Greene, buying a business proved easier than buying a house and it accelerated the growth of our existing medical practice by five years. We inherited a trained and motivated staff, a large client base, and a volume of business that better utilizes our space.

“When Sam Goldenberg & Associates first approached us about this opportunity, we originally did not see what we had to gain. We were already growing strongly in the same market. After discussions with Michael and studying the Confidential Business Review, we realized it was a golden opportunity. Within days of deciding to move forward, we had a signed agreement. Several times during the negotiations, the deal seemed about to fall apart. Michael’s calm demeanor and soothing “voice of reason” kept everyone together to close the deal on time with terms that were fair for all.”

– Dr. Kristen L. Biggs, MD, RPVI, RPhS, FACS and Jonathan Deming, Buyers of Eden Medispa

“As the owner and medical director of two successful and growing medical practices, it became increasingly challenging to meet the needs of both. My women’s healthcare practice Santa Fe Ob/Gyn needed the space then used by Eden MediSpa to accommodate its growth.

“At first I tried to sell this medical aesthetic practice myself, little realizing it equated to taking on a third job. I turned to Michael Greene and his team at Sam Goldenberg & Associates. Excluding the clinical space would be a challenge, but I firmly believed the value of this asset paled in comparison to Eden’s highly qualified staff, large established client base, advanced medical equipment, and rock solid history of growth.

“Michael and I were on the same page. His team put together an attractive and comprehensive buyer’s package, personally reached out to doctors and nurse practitioners in the field, generated interest, and secured a full-price offer four months after it had gone on the market.

“With a short closing time and numerous issues to work through, Michael became personally involved. He guided us through the process, explained our options at each juncture, thoughtfully listened to my concerns, and helped untangle any potential obstructions. His experience in working with both sides of a transaction kept the relationships harmonious and minimized the stress. We arrived at the closing table as scheduled. Their last deliverable – a well-organized digital and bound book of all the closing documents – was the final evidence of Sam Goldenberg & Associates’ professionalism.”

– Dr. Lynore Martinez, Seller of Eden Medispa

Robin Finlayson, Seller of Zephyr Clothing

“Sam Goldenberg & Associates did a great job selling my business. They were very professional and caring. They got the job done and it sold very quickly.”

Robin Finlayson, Seller of Zephyr Clothing

Barton’s Flowers in Santa Fe

“Long distance did not hamper the process. As two Chicago graphic designers buying the oldest florist in Santa Fe… we could have encountered hurtle after hurtle but team SGA kept us calm, kept everyone on track and helped make us florists!”

– Stephen R. Jones and Christopher Hill, Buyers of Barton’s Flowers

Earth Tones Specialty Retail

“My experience with Sam Goldenberg and Associates has been nothing but positive. Their expertise and professionalism has been present from the time of my first call. My interactions with Michael, Juliette and Julie surpassed my expectations; always kind, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you very much for all your help and good advice.”

– Mayi F. Munsell, Seller of Earth Tones in downtown Santa Fe, NM.

Comfort Solutions Mechanical

“I was interested in selling my business and did not know where to go. Had a friend recommend Sam Goldenberg & Associates. I am glad I did, BUSINESS SOLD!!!!! They are great to work with and kept me informed of any progress. There are more involved with the sell, but a personal thanks to Michael and Juliette. I would recommend them to anybody that asks.”

– Nelson Hoyer, Seller of Comfort Solutions Mechanical HVAC and plumbing company in Farmington, NM.

Limonata Italian Street Food Caffee

“Selling a business can be tough and stressful. Choosing SGA to assist us with the sale of our coffee shop was the smart thing to do.

“Not only were Michael Greene and his team fast, professional and efficient, they found a buyer for our business in 2 very short months. The sale was closed and finalized a month after that and for the amount we expected.

“SGA stayed on top of things all along. They handled every aspect of this deal like pros. They made the valuation, marketing, and buyer/seller communication easy for us. Daily updates from Juliette kept us comfortable at all time. I mean this when I say that this transaction was as easy as listing and selling a house with a real estate agency.

Thank you SGA. We will surely come to you again for our future business needs.”

– Maxime and Daniela Bouneou, Sellers of Limonata

Capitol Computer and Networking Services

“After 25 years of “doing the corporate thing” my wife and I wanted to finally choose our place to live and manage our own business…instead of being managed by a corporation and living where they told us to live.  We knew Santa Fe was the place and we found Michael Greene and the team at Sam Goldenberg & Associates (SGA) to be not only the Gateway to The Land of Enchantment but also the Gateway to the Santa Fe Business Community.

“After initial telephone conversations with Michael, we met face-to-face in his Santa Fe office and discussed in detail my interests, goals, and desires regarding business ownership in Santa Fe. We found Michael to be focused first on finding the right fit for us – something we greatly appreciated. Only after Michael got to know my wife and I did he discuss in detail several potential opportunities.

“After proper due diligence, we chose to move forward with the acquisition of Capitol Computer of Santa Fe. Michael and the SGA team were masterful at guiding us through the process, navigating any issues, and bridging differences between buyer and seller. They are true professionals who easily balance “doing the deal” with ensuring the deal is right for those involved.

“Now as a resident of Santa Fe and a member of the business community, I can highly recommend Michael and the team at SGA as extraordinary partners to help buy or sell a business. I now consider Michael a friend, neighbor, and mentor – he is that good.”

– Steven & Jeni Resnick, Buyers of Capitol Computer and Network Solutions

Amazing Pain-Less

“Over eight months, Juliette and Michael at Sam Goldenberg fed us a constant stream of inquiries to purchase our business – nearly one a week. Their marketing was terrific. They steered us safely away from a risky situation right into the arms of an absolutely perfect buyer. We are thrilled. It’s a dream come true to see our work continue in such capable, caring hands. We’ve bought one business and sold two with Sam Goldenberg & Assoc.  We are very satisfied customers!”

– Joan & Mike Sickler, Sellers of Amazing Pain-Less, a pain relief product company

“When I decided to purchase a business, I was frequently checking all the brokers’ websites for an opportunity. I inquired about a business listed at Sam Goldenberg & Associates, and was invited into the office to meet the Goldenberg team. At the meeting, they found out a bit more about me, and what I was looking for in a business. That day, I was presented with four potential opportunities that met my criteria. Luckily, one of them panned-out, and I am now the new owner of Amazing Pain-Less! It was very easy working with the Goldenberg team and they facilitated a very smooth and “fun” closing transaction! I would highly recommend the Goldenberg team if you are buying or selling a business.”

– Mary Elliott, Buyer of Amazing Pain-Less, a pain relief product company


“Sometimes in life you just make the right turn!  That turn for me was searching “small business for sale in NM”.  That search led me to Sam Goldenberg & Associates and a new and exciting adventure in life.  That’s the short story, the long story is that the expertise, professionalism and exceptionally personable staff at Sam Goldenberg & Associates were knowledgeable, experienced and capable in handling every challenge and detail that arose during the process of purchasing my new business. I felt I was in good hands with them from day one. The entire team went above and beyond to help facilitate the transaction and accomplish the final goal.”

– Dessie Nix, Buyer of Underpinnings Intimate Apparel Boutique

“I have had the good fortune of working with Sam Goldenberg & Associates twice; first as the buyer and later as the seller of Underpinnings. The staff at SGA handled both transactions with the utmost professionalism. They keep both the buyer and seller informed of every step along the way and are well prepared to handle any issues that may arise. I highly recommend SGA whether you are buying or selling a business.”

– Dayna Cerullo, Seller of Underpinnings

San Marcos Café & Feed Store

“My husband and I looked for a business for sale for a few years and finally saw something very interesting in Santa Fe. We contacted the broker, Sam Goldenberg and Associates, just to make a casual inquiry. From the very first call, Michael Greene and his staff were courteous and prompt. The Sam Goldenberg team gave us great information, encouragement and technical assistance as we made our way through the sometimes long and complicated process. Their years of experience helping guide buyers and sellers through the purchase agreement, loan and inspection processes were evident from the beginning. Michael helped us keep the final goal in mind and often said, ‘Soon you will actually live here and the business will be yours.’ And he was right, here we are!”

– Mark and Cindy Holloway, Buyers of San Marcos Cafe and Feed Store

Greenberg Fine Art

“You know the enjoyment one has when you watch a gymnast execute a perfect ten?

My wife and I were looking to acquire an art gallery business in Santa Fe. Though we had evaluated over a half dozen galleries over an equal number of years we had yet to find one that measured up. Then we came upon a promising listing at Michael Greene’s firm for a gallery on Canyon Road.

I have been involved in buying and selling businesses for most of my career and am aware of the usual issues and problems involved. I greatly enjoyed watching Michael’s thorough understanding and mastery of the deal making process. How to manage the flow; how to navigate the pitfalls; and how to “nudge” the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Egos and expectations can derail even a mutually beneficial sale or acquisition of a business. If one wants to successfully complete a transaction, in a world of egos and unrealistic expectations, it helps to have professional guides. The knowledge and finesse that Michael and his firm brought to our transaction was right up there with the best I have known.

I thank Michael and his team for turning long shots into reality and making the time invested in searching for the right business productive.”

– Carol and Paul Hartsock, Buyers of Greenberg Fine Art

The Santa Fe Weaving Gallery

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Sam Goldenberg and Associates in purchasing a Santa Fe gallery. The team (Michael, Juliette, Mark) was incredibly attentive and helpful every step of the way, serving as mentors, negotiators, and liaison to the sellers and other parties. They went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a smooth transaction. We would highly recommend working with this team if you are selling or buying a business.”

– Elise Nye Holliday and Richard Holliday, Buyers of Santa Fe Weaving Gallery

“Sam Goldenberg & Associates worked diligently to find a good buyer for us and was successful in getting the deal done. They jumped through hoops and worked hard to make a rather complicated deal work out for all concerned.”

– Jill Heppenheimer and Barbara Lanning, Sellers of the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery

AV Systems

“When after 20 years it came time to find a new owner for AV Systems in Santa Fe, working with Sam Goldenberg and Associates as our broker was the obvious choice. Although their extensive marketing efforts produced buyer interest from outside New Mexico, we were pleased that, in the end, it was a local fellow in a related technical business that was the buyer. Throughout the sales process the professional staff at Sam Goldenberg maintained clear and positive communications between buyer and seller and stayed on top of all the details with the result that a purchase agreement was smoothly negotiated that meet the needs of both parties. Thank you Michael, Mark and Juliette for a great job!”

– Robert Wickham and Carole Ely, Sellers of “AV Systems”

Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts

“SGA has been nothing less than fantastic. They have the unique ability to work with both sides to negotiate a resolution that is fair to both parties so that the transaction can proceed without a lot of haggling and extra legal expenses. SGA has the talent and staff to execute all the documents in house at a very fair cost and they can get the paperwork done very quickly and efficiently with very little need for changes. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and demonstrate common sense and a good grasp of the issues. Their professionalism and expertise inspires confidence and trust. The entire experience has been a pleasure.”

– Matthew Sinberg, DMD, Buyer of “Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts”

Plaza Bakery and Haagen-Dazs Franchise

“All of the professionals at Sam Goldenberg and Associates were a huge help to me in my purchase of the Plaza Bakery. Michael Greene’s knowledge of Santa Fe’s business community was invaluable. He and his team are master facilitators of the purchase process; they make buying a business as easy as it can possibly be.”

– Kevin McBride, Buyer of the “Plaza Bakery and Haagen-Dazs Franchise”

“Thank goodness we chose Sam Goldenberg and Associates as our business brokers. Michael Greene was so knowledgeable and easy to work with and he gave us the results we needed. We are grateful that Michael was able to sell our business in a timely fashion.”

– Fred and Patti Libby, Sellers of the “Plaza Bakery and Haagen-Dazs Franchise”

Edible Arrangements“As the new owner of the Santa Fe Edible Arrangements store, I had the opportunity to purchase the store through the brokerage firm of Sam Goldenberg & Associates. The assistance and support that I received from Michael Greene & Juliette Sweet made the sale a very pleasant experience. If I choose to sell the business in the future, I would definitely consider having Sam Goldenberg & Associates handle the sale.”

– Michael Gonzales, Buyer of “Edible Arrangements”

“We came to Sam Goldenberg and Associates to sell our Edible Arrangements franchise here is Santa Fe. Their team handled every step of our franchise sale thoroughly and professionally. To our surprise, we sold our business easily and quickly. We had such a great experience working with you, and could not have done it without you! Our sincerest thanks…”

– Warren and Stacy Fulgenzi, Sellers of “Edible Arrangements”

 TerraCotta Wine Bistro“Michael Greene and his amazingly competent staff were a pleasure to work with in our recent restaurant acquisition. The entire organization was professional, knowledgeable and helped guide us through the whole process. Michael is a master at negotiating the deal and his team are master facilitators of the purchase process; they make buying a business as easy as it can possibly be.”

– Glenda Griswold & Catherine O’Brien, Buyers of “TerraCotta Wine Bistro”

Tome on the Range Bookstore

“At Sam Goldenberg & Associates,the focus is on the client. They agreed to sell my business and did just that. They are full-service: they hold your hand, talk you down from the ledge, and celebrate the successful search for a new steward of your dream.”

– Nancy Colalillo, Seller of “Tome on the Range Bookstore”

Jane Sauer Gallery“Sam Goldenberg and Associates provide an excellent team approach to selling your business. Each member of the team has a different skill set and are truly experts in their given area. I always felt valued and communicated with. My observations tell me that the potential purchasers are treated in exactly the same manner.”

– Jane Sauer, Seller of “Jane Sauer Gallery”

Senior Murphy Candy Maker“Michael’s integrity and veracity is beyond reproach. He works tirelessly to come up with solutions that benefit both the buyer and seller which result in a win/win outcome. I highly recommend anyone looking to buy or sell a business speak with Michael for accurate and professional advice.”

– Rand Levitt, Seller of “Senior Murphy Candy Maker”

RoadRunner Shuttle & Charter

“Michael Greene, along with his amazing team of Juliette Sweet and Mark Griffith, are truly “Heaven Sent”! Their significant knowledge of the Santa Fe business marketplace, coupled with their innate ability to perfectly assess and match the needs and wishes of buyers and sellers, made what could have been a daunting process run flawlessly. Michael, Juliette, and Mark thank you for introducing us to RoadRunner Shuttle & Charter and opening up an exciting new chapter in our lives….”

– Kathy & Mark Greenbury Desert Dawg Companies, LLC D/B/A, Buyer of “RoadRunner Shuttle & Charter”

The Teahouse

“I was absolutely thrilled to work with the team at Sam Goldenberg & Associates. It was timely and actually a pain free adventure!”

Dionne Christian, Seller of “The Teahouse”

Great Ideas

“I had owned my one-man business for 32 years and had just gotten tired of doing it. Friends asked if I’d be interested in selling it to them and, being totally ignorant of the process, I contacted Sam Goldenberg & Associates. They vetted the would-be buyers, developed a mutually-acceptable price, and helped work out the accounting and legal ramifications. Now I’m happily retired and, perhaps best of all, the energetic new owners are generating far more income than I did. Don’t you just love happy endings?”

– Eliot Kohen, Seller of “Great Ideas”

Cafe Cafe

“I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Michael Green and Juliette Sweet of Sam Goldenberg and Associates for the professional help they extended when I was purchasing Cafe Cafe. Buying a restaurant is not an easy process and I was living in Naples Fl. at the time which made the job even harder. However, they made sure timelines were met and went out of their way to make sure every detail was covered. More importantly, they made me feel very comfortable knowing they had my interests at heart. I will use them again when I buy another restaurant.”

– Stu Dickson, Buyer of “Cafe Cafe”

The Reel Life

“I purchased my first business through SGA a little over a year ago and was new to the whole process. Michael & Juliette were so helpful to me – I had many questions and concerns and they took the time to explain and answer each one of them in a timely manner. I would recommend using SGA to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell their business. They take a very professional and positive approach as a top notch business broker.”

– Steve Wright, Buyer of “The Reel Life