Selling a Business

Selling Your Business

Ready to Explore Selling Your Business

You’ve invested time, money and elbow grease into making your business what it is today. It’s a legacy you should be proud of. We empower business owners to translate their hard work into a nest egg to help them enjoy the next chapter in their lives.

For over 35 years, Sam Goldenberg & Associates has been putting its expertise in the service of New Mexico business owners to help them maximize the value they receive. Whether you’re looking to exit your business in the next six months or the next six years, we strive to provide you with the information and analyses that helps you make the decision that is in your best interest. All this we do with strict confidentiality protocols in place that give you the liberty to explore your options without tipping off employees, competitors, vendors, or the general public.

When to Move Forward with Bringing Your Business to Market

Not all business owners have the luxury to wait to bring their business to market. Life can intervene, whether it’s in the form of a health consideration or an insatiable desire to move onto the next opportunity. Sam Goldenberg & Associates can confidentially and professionally manage all stages of the transaction, from working with you to identify the factors that contribute to the sell-ability of your business to screening buyers to minimize the stress it puts on you. If you do decide to move forward, we identify these factors and incorporate them into compelling marketing material that presents your business accurately and holistically, and anticipates buyer questions.

The blemish-free business is rare. Reasonable full disclosure and not side-stepping potential deficits helps a buyer have trust in the information they receive, enables them to make an educated decision, and builds confidence in the process. Issues may come up. When a buyer and seller have faith in each other and the process, such issues become matters that simply need to be worked through rather than unresolvable road blocks.

Powering Your Decision-Making Process

If you have no desire to exit your business anytime in the near future, that’s probably a sign that you’re doing many things right. Regardless, knowing your business’ current fair market value and the drivers that create value is helpful information you can use now. If there is a gap between what you believe its value to be and its likely sales price supported by objective market data, the sooner you realize this, the better your ability to bridge this divide. This is a complimentary service offered by SGA, and it complies with our mission to be a resource to business owners and promote the well-being of New Mexico’s business community.