Santa Fe: A City for Hipsters

Santa Fe has a budding hipster culture. The ever popular Revolution Cafe, an artisan gluten-free bakery, attracts many of the city's food conscious enthusiasts.

We weren’t surprised or disappointed that Santa Fe came in at number 19 for Hipster Culture in Travel+Leisure’s 2013 rankings. While Santa Fe has its fair share of epicurean sensibilities, “Hipster” doesn’t quite capture the local spirit. Here it’s less about trends, skinny jeans, and vinyl records, and more about doing as you please. This explains the City Different’s variety of cultures and subcultures. Santa Fe’s infamous “come as you are” dress code can mean anything, from a hand-crafted Mudcloth Jacket from the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery to your favorite, pleasingly rumpled tout ensemble. Santa Fe is a quirky place, but many of the so-called novelties it embraces often eventually wind up in the mainstream.  Besides, no one age group has a monopoly on quirk in northern New Mexico. What is more important is that Santa Fe is a friendly, relaxed place that readily welcomes all kinds. This includes hipsters. Give Southwestern hospitality a try!

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