Santa Fe: a Cozy City

What exactly makes a city cozy? The Huffington Post took its cue from Environmental Health & Engineering to rank the ten coziest cities in America. This environmental consulting firm reviewed accessibility to parks, restaurants, and coffee shops, subtracted for stressful lifestyles, and added in aesthetic concerns to makes its determination. Usage rates of fireplaces and portable heaters were also factored in.

According to this criteria, Santa Fe emerges as the third coziest city in the United States just behind Boston and San Francisco. A current tally puts Santa Fe’s number of coffeehouses at 44, restaurants at over 200, and parks (established and in development) at 96 with a total 170 miles of trails within the city limits. An artful and artistic sensibility is readily on display in Santa Fe, the second largest art market in the country with over 200 world-class art galleries and 15 museums. As far as portable heaters go, we can only guess. This may be what tipped the contest in Boston’s favor.

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