Tamara Dawn Johnson

Tamara Dawn Johnson,
Marketing Associate

Tamara has a varied professional background in the arts, sciences, economics and policy research, and education. Before moving to Santa Fe, she worked at the New York Academy of Sciences, helping academics who wanted to cross over to the private sector and running mentorship and public education programs. She also spent over five years living in Asia, during which time she designed and implemented innovative experiential education programing, conducted teacher training programs, researched international education policies, and served on the board of a school for refugees in Kuala Lumpur.

She has received awards for entrepreneurial concepts in startup contests and taught human centered design thinking locally and internationally. She also has extensive journalism experience, writing about dance, science, policy, and economics.

Additionally, Tamara has been an avid dancer for her entire life, performing and teaching in the United States and abroad.

Tamara works with SGA’s media and communications initiatives.