You know the enjoyment one has when you watch a gymnast execute a perfect ten?

My wife and I were looking to acquire an art gallery business in Santa Fe. Though we had evaluated over a half dozen galleries over an equal number of years, we had yet to find one that measured up. Then we came upon a promising listing at Michael Greene’s firm for a gallery on Canyon Road.

I have been involved in buying and selling businesses for most of my career and am aware of the usual issues and problems involved. I greatly enjoyed watching Michael’s thorough understanding and mastery of the deal making process. How to manage the flow; how to navigate the pitfalls; and how to “nudge” the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Egos and expectations can derail even a mutually beneficial sale or acquisition of a business. If one wants to successfully complete a transaction, in a world of egos and unrealistic expectations, it helps to have professional guides. The knowledge and finesse that Michael and his firm brought to our transaction was right up there with the best I have known.

I thank Michael and his team for turning long shots into reality and making the time invested in searching for the right business productive.