When is the Right Time to Sell

When is the Right Time to Sell

Abiquiu-BadlandsOver 2014, Sam Goldenberg & Associates completed 11 sales. We will have finalized two business sales by the end of January 2015 and more are to be announced. Everyday we receive inquiries from prospective buyers interested in our portfolio of businesses for sale.

What accounts for this strong activity? Several factors are at work. The lending environment has improved. The Albuquerque Business Journal explains: “U.S. banks had $287.64 billion in outstanding loans to small businesses as of Dec. 31, up 1.4 percent from a year earlier, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. In January, the dollars loaned to small businesses by banks, independent commercial finance companies and corporations, increased 4 percent from last year, according to Thomson Reuters and PayNet.”

As banks realize that American main street businesses are a good investment opportunity, it is bringing more buyers into the market. For someone who wants to secure their financial livelihood, an established business makes sense. It has a history of income generation and cash flow. This allow business buyers – and lending institutions – to quantify risk.

Secondly, northern New Mexico is a great place to live. Santa Fe is a smaller-sized, relaxed city surrounded by natural beauty. It has many of the cultural amenities you’d expect to find in a city three times the size. It is regularly recognized with awards and accolades from various high-profile lifestyle publications.

Santa Fe is not alone as a favored destination. Ruidoso NM offers the charm of a high mountain community with a robust art and recreational scene. Farmington is one of the top-performing cities in the New Mexico, Edgewood continues to expand, Roswell and other cities in Southeastern New Mexico are on the move, and Taos provides plenty of options for the outdoor enthusiast with its own unique set of cultural offerings and charm. Efforts to revitalize downtown Albuquerque into a pedestrian-oriented hub are beginning to get the attention of investors and small business owners.

Analyzing who visits SamGoldenberg.com support this claim. They come from all over North America, Mexico, Europe, the U.K., Israel and South America. This is further evidence of the Land of Enchantment’s enduring and international appeal.

With rising job insecurity, being your own boss has more appeal than ever. We have sold a lot of businesses to people who want to leave the corporate world, but we’ve not worked with many business owners who seek to return there. Many ambitious young and not so young people want the opportunity to build wealth based directly on their own efforts. They realize that buying an established business is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

For over 30 years, Sam Goldenberg & Associates has provided strong support to business sellers and buyers. We are a recognized New Mexico brand.

We invite you to build upon our success and leverage our expertise to maximize the selling price of your business.