Find Work-Life Balance in Albuquerque

Find Work-Life Balance in Albuquerque

More accolades for Albuquerque! The Duke City ranks 11th for work-life balance in American cities. A recently published study compared cities across data representing work intensity, societal/institutional support, and city livability in order to determine where people do—and do not—enjoy well-rounded lifestyles. This is a handy compilation if you’re involved in site selection or debating where to buy a business.

The introduction to the study, by security company Kisi, states,

“We know first-hand how much of a difference it makes to work smarter rather than harder. Whether in or out of the office, we understand the value of time and believe that dedicating too much of it to your job interferes with life outside of work, and vice-versa. To explore this topic further, we conducted a study determining the cities whose residents have the most well-rounded work-life balance, in terms not only of work intensity, but also their livability and the well-being and rights of their inhabitants.”

According to the study, Albuquerque residents work an average of 42.3 hours a week, take 9.4 days of vacation per year, and start work relatively gently around 10 am. Burqueños’ Happiness Score is 90.7 out of 100. Not bad at all!

The top 5 American cities for work-life balance were San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and New York.

The most overworked cities were Washington, DC, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago.

While Abq just missed the top ten for work-life balance (so close!), it’s worth noting the city did make the top ten for affordability in a recent study by By comparison, many of the best rated work-life balance cities are in the top five most expensive.

Significantly, Albuquerque’s low cost of living contributes to its also being ranked one of the top five cities in which to build wealth by pay experts This ranking, “based on census data and analysis, focused on local salaries, the cost of living, and unemployment. Secondary factors, such as diversity of the local economy, residents’ education, percentage of population below poverty level, and commute time were also measured,” according to CNN Money.

If you’re looking for the right place to buy a business, Albuquerque also offers an extremely supportive policy and economic environment.

“The Southwestern city is witnessing an entrepreneurial renaissance with the help of startup-friendly culture, excellent universities and a great cultural scene for that ever-elusive work-life balance [told ya!]. Albuquerque’s tech scene is so vibrant that even Facebook is setting up an outpost in the area, and the city has seen a nearly 10% increase in average salaries over the last four years. With STEM jobs galore, Albuquerque also earned a spot on our 2018 list of the Top 10 Best Cities for STEM Workers,” Claire Hannum reports for Livability.

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