6 Tips to Recession Proof Your Business

6 Tips to Recession Proof Your Business

This year has thrown more than its share of curveballs at business owners. Changing guidelines and shifting consumer confidence make planning exceptionally challenging. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce shares these six tips to safeguard your business for potential difficulties ahead.

Embrace adaptability

The pandemic has given small businesses a crash course in adaptability. Businesses that weren’t operating online or remotely suddenly found themselves making huge changes to their business model on the fly. This willingness to pivot quickly and be flexible with your previous plans is the key to surviving the current recession.

Listen to your customers’ current needs

Understanding and serving your customers’ needs is important at any time, but it’s especially important to empathize with their current struggles and changing purchasing behaviors right now. By collecting insights from consumers and suppliers in the form of focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews, your business will be better able to adapt to rapidly-changing needs and behaviors.

Master the art of cash flow management

Keeping a close eye on expenses and cash flow can help you plan for your financial future and avoid overspending in certain areas of your business.

Negotiate new terms with your vendors

Vendor expenses can add up quickly, and during a financial crisis, discussing concessions or negotiating new terms with vendors and suppliers can be extremely helpful to all parties involved.

Diversify everything

Tyler Read, CEO of PTPioneer, said the best way to recession-proof your business plan is to diversify every element of your business, especially your income streams and the markets you serve. Read also recommended diversifying your staff to bring diverse perspectives to the table.

Keep investing in your business

Surviving the current economic downturn will be difficult for any business owner, but keep looking for opportunities, even when things feel bleak, said Vitale.

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