Juliette Sweet

In Memory of Juliette Sweet,
1963 – 2018

As Director of Client Communications, Juliette Sweet was an indelible part of Sam Goldenberg & Associates and helped to craft its client-centric culture. Joining the company in 2011, her infinite patience and unfailing grace put clients at ease from the first phone call to the closing table.

She was untiring in her efforts to elevate the client experience, reassuring both buyers and sellers and working diligently behind the scenes to resolve problems. Nothing seemed to dent her upbeat attitude. She exceeded in understand clients’ needs, kept them informed throughout the process, and was always ready to share some light-hearted anecdote that brightened their day. By the end of any transaction, she was fast friends with many of the clients with whom she worked. Her contributions to the company are evident in the many client testimonials that praise her by name.

Her spirit continues to resonate throughout the office and we still hear echoes of her inimitable laugh. She set a stellar example and is deeply missed.