Canyon Road’s Newest Neighbors Contribute to Its Entrepreneurial Spirit

Santa Fe, NM, October 13, 2014–Paul and Carol Hartsock recently took the helm of Greenberg Fine Art on Canyon Road. The couple looks forward to bringing their special mix of entrepreneurship and culture to the community. Michael Greene, president of Sam Goldenberg & Associates, a Santa Fe business brokerage, facilitated the gallery’s transfer of ownership from Mark Greenberg to the Hartsocks. The paperwork was signed at the Sam Goldenberg & Associates’ office 17 weeks after the gallery went on the market. “This is the second art gallery we’ve sold in 12 months,” says Greene. “Both generated a lot of interest and sold quickly. The interest in acquiring or investing in a well-run art gallery in Santa Fe is a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It’s a smart investment.” 

The Letter of Intent has been signed by both buyer and seller and everything seems to be moving along just fine. It would seem that the deal is almost done. However, the due diligence process must now be completed. Due diligence is the process in which the buyer really decides to go forward with the deal, or, depending on what is discovered, to renegotiate the price – or even to withdraw from the deal. So,...

Two businesses for sale could report the same numeric value for "earnings" and yet be far from equal. Three factors of earnings are listed below that tell more about the earnings than just the number. 1. Quality of earnings Quality of earnings measures whether the earnings are padded with a lot of “add backs” or one-time events, such as a sale of real estate, resulting in an earnings figure which does not accurately reflect the true earning power...

In order to sell one’s business using the services of a business broker, a listing agreement is almost always required. For the owner of the business, signing the agreement legally authorizes the sale of the business. This simple act of signing represents the end of ownership. For some business owners, it means heading into uncharted territory after the business is sold. For many it also signifies the end of a dream. The business owner may have...

Buyers, as part of their due diligence, usually employ accountants to check the numbers and attorneys to both look at legal issues and draft or review documents. Buyers may also bring in other professionals to look at the business’ operations. The prudent buyer is also looking behind the scenes to make sure there are not any “skeletons in the closet.” It makes sense for a seller to be just as prudent. Knowing what the prudent...


Rodeos, Pinto Bean Queens and Drones

The East Mountains outside Albuquerque is one of the fastest growing area in New Mexico. Since 2000, the area’s population more than doubled. The convenience of nearby Albuquerque with a country lifestyle explains part of the area’s appeal, but I suspect that the warmth and southwestern hospitality of the residents accounts for a generous portion. One long-time local estimates that nearly 30% of the residents make the workday trek to Sandia Labs, the University of New Mexico or the University’s hospital.
Vintage Map of Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles
The famed Chicago-to-Los Angeles Route 66 looms large in American century history. It introduced travelers, Dust Bown refugees, and Beat era drifters to Tucumcari, Albuquerque, Grants and Gallup, New Mexico. While it may no longer be cherished as "America's Main Street," the historic route is still New Mexico's main street in many towns. The most notable example is Albuquerque. The "Mother Road" used to be synonymous with the desire to hit the open road. In Albuquerque, the Mother Road now signifies a pedestrian lifestyle that appeals to Millennials and Boomers who prefer to leave their cars at home. Many prefer to not even own one.
Welcome to Saturday Spotlight! This series showcases various towns and areas throughout New Mexico to provide a sense of New Mexico's diversity. New Mexico businesses for sale not only fit your financial objectives but offer a way of life that meets your personal goals.
business-buyer-looking-atBuyers, as part of their due diligence, usually employ accountants to check the numbers and attorneys to both look at legal issues and draft or review documents. Buyers may also bring in other professionals to look at the business’ operations. The prudent buyer is also looking behind the scenes to make sure there are no “skeletons in the closet.” It makes sense for a seller to be just as prudent. Knowing what the prudent buyer may be checking can be a big help. Sam Goldenberg & Associates can assist a New Mexico business owner with looking at these issues. We are very familiar with what buyers are looking for when considering to purchase a New Mexico business.
The initial response to the question in the title really should be: “Why do you want to know the value of your business?” This response is not intended to be flippant. It is a a question that deserves an answer.
  • Does an owner need to know for estate purposes?
  • Does the bank want to know for lending purposes?
  • Is the owner entertaining bringing in a partner or partners?
  • Is the owner thinking of selling?
  • Is a divorce or partnership dispute occurring?
  • Is a valuation needed for a buy-sell agreement?
Photo Credit The Santa Fe New Mexican
Photo Credit The Santa Fe New Mexican

Low End Market Drives Rise in Santa Fe County Home Sales

By Bruce Krasnow The New Mexican | Posted: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Coleen Dearing describes the first half of 2014 as the “Come to Jesus Market” for Santa Fe home sellers. Buyers who have long delayed putting their homes up for sale have realized that prices are not going to spring back to 2006-07 levels anytime soon, said Dearing, an associate with Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty and president of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors.
ccsf-prWe are happy to share our business client's press release and offer our hearty congratulations on ten very successful years in Santa Fe. CONTACT:  Lorraine Krenc OFFICE:  505.216.1108 EMAIL:

A DECADE OF DIGITAL Santa Fe’s Capitol Computer Celebrates 10 Years in Business

A decade ago native Santa Fean Eric Montgomery started Capitol Computer, then under the name 180Networks. The owner recalls, "I'd end up with several computers collected throughout the day all lined up on my kitchen counter. I'd work on them overnight and deliver them in the morning." Much has changed since the kitchen counter IT days. Today Capitol Computer has a base of over 300 residential and small business clients in Santa Fe and the surrounding communities. Network setup, maintenance and remote monitoring have become the mainstays in addition to its original offering of PC and Apple repairs.

New Restaurateurs Brant and Tómas Allan Keller Continue Galisteo Bistro’s Tradition with Their Own Signature Flair

Santa Fe, NM, June 16, 2014–The critically acclaimed Galisteo Basin ( officially transferred ownership from chefs Marge and Robert Chickering to Brant Keller on June 3, 2014. The Bistro will continue as a family operation. While Keller will be running the front of the house, his son chef Tómas Allan Keller will oversee the kitchen. The ownership hand-off took place at the office of local business brokerage Sam Goldenberg & Associates ( The Galisteo Bistro is Sam Goldenberg & Associates’ second restaurant sale of 2014, and its eleventh restaurant or food-related sale in the past two years. The transition was seamless. The brokerage’s president Michael Green ensured the purchase agreement provided ample time for training and uninterrupted transfer of the beer and wine license. The Galisteo Bistro stayed open throughout, and the Kellers have kept all wait and kitchen staff on.

We enjoyed reading about the success SGA's client and restaurant buyer Lane Sanders and is having with his new enterprise Elevation Bistro, formerly the Atomic Bar and Grill. We handled the sale of this downtown restaurant in Fall 2013 and Lane immediately impressed at the time. The Santa Fe Reporter recently stopped by the bistro to give us a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening at one of the only handful of Santa Fe's late-night dining...

With SGA's own highly informal survey based on chatting with our past Santa Fe business buying clients, New Mexico appears aligned with these national trends. Small-Business Owners Love What They Do, Despite the Economy A new Gallup poll shows that eight of 10 small-business owners would do it all again if they could. May 22, 2014 By Matt Vasilogambros The National Journal The economy may rise and fall, but small-business owners remain happy with their career choice. In a new Gallup and Wells...